Basic admin essential's 2.0 Is it possible to add an admin command bar?

Hello, I want to figure out why the basic admin essentials is only giving me two seconds for server messages. The issue is that the system is only waiting 2 seconds before fading away which is not enough time to read for a job interview. i have tried to look at the code but i cant find nothing about the short timer. is this possible to fix?

I was able to find the part of code used to determine the wait time before the message fades:

It’s on line 341 of MainModule.Components["Essentials Code"] and MainModule is the core module being required by the loader.
Sadly as seen in the core code snippet, there’s no setting to determine the fade time, meaning the only solution is to fork the core module until a setting is added.
The wait time is given by the formula text length*0.1+offset where offset is by default 1.

To solve the issue, I decided to rely on attributes, because they are easy to modify, therefore I created a "waitOffset" IntValue attribute for the local script:
then because I had to use the script variable inside the local script, to retrieve the attribute value, I had to comment the first line which sets the script variable to nil:
then on line 341 I replace the offset(1) with the attribute value:

then on the loader script, I replace the library id directing to the module(Configuration['Loader ID']) with the path to my own forked version of the core module(script:WaitForChild("CoreForked")) where CoreForked is the modified module parented inside the loader.
The final result can be downloaded here to save you a bunch of time:
ForkedAdminEssentials.rbxm (538.3 KB)

I downloaded your script and it still is 2 seconds a message

Did you remove the old admin essentials?

yes i have and when i place the downloaded script into server script service it crashes

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