Basic Admin Essentials Promotion Command!

Hiya Devs :wave:
I’ve made a promotion command to share with you all since Hyra has not come back I’d figure to give y’all one that works yes I will update it!
Does this belong fully to me?
No, I scripted some of the parts since this was from originally Hyra so give some credits to @melodrvma
So without further ado, let’s get into the instructions for setting the Server up!!!
Since Roblox has added an update to prevent cookie loggers etc you will need a VPN
Okay, you will also need a VPS - I recommend DigitalOcean
Hmzah Server
We need that for the hosting ^^
To set it up following open up the config.json file and paste in the cookie in user_cookie also place a random key in auth_key to prevent anyone from getting access!

Next open the terminal and type npm install

And boom you’re done! Next hop onto Roblox and get this asset
Promote Command asset
Next, open up the config file and edit and add your domain and key!

Put groupId here!

And place the asset in the plugin folder!
There you go boom should be working and make sure HTTP is on!

This is in V1 we will improve the code when I have time.
if you need help please contact me! JustCaleb#0123 :slight_smile:
Please add suggestions on what else I should to and what I could do to improve this code also drop other suggestions!


Seems like a useful tool! Is there any restrictions in place to prevent abuse of this feature?

That will be in V1.1 since i’m busy and yes I will try to add some abuse features to make sure that doesn’t happen as much :smiley:

Personally me, I’d use another service in replacement for DigitalOcean. Some good alternatives are Hetzner, Linode or Vultr. My favourite being Vultr.