Basic Admin Help

I use Basic Admin is I was wondering how to make the message plugin to where everyone can see to message and not just the player who runs the command. What would I use instead of Player?

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You could fire a remote event to the server, and then pick it up in a server script, and do what you want to do from there.

Can you show me or give me more details of what it would look like or what to do?

Actually, I’m dumb. You could just put your code into a PlayerAdded event in a server script.

So like


—do stuff here

Sorry, I’m doing this on mobile

I think he is talking about Basic Admin Essentials made by TheFurryFish.

@iiTrevqx As for your topic, I personally would DM TheFurryFish on how to do it.

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Oh alright. I would have no idea then