[Basic Admin] The name says it all

There are a lot of admin systems on Roblox these days, but it seems like they all are very hard for a beginner to understand. I have been using adonis for the majority of my time on Roblox and it works fine. However, there are so many different pieces and required scripts and whatnot that it gets very complicated even if you are able to read and understand the code. On my most recent project, I decided to just create my own admin that was as simple as could be as I needed a lot of custom commands and didn’t want to mess with any confusing APIs or framework. Now that I have finished that project I realized that the admin I made would be a great tool for beginners looking to create their own system. So, I scrapped the custom commands that were made just for my game and threw in some general commands and a settings module, and here I am.

Something very important to note is that this system is by no means made to be as efficient or pretty as possible, but rather to be a learning tool that doesn’t use too many advanced features or mechanics. No GUIs other than the ones Roblox provides, no fancy modules with nearly a thousand lines of code. Just simple, raw, readable, and editable Lua.

With that being said, feel free to check it out. I hope it can be used as a decently well-rounded tool for beginners to learn and expand their knowledge or just a bare minimum system for anyone who doesn’t really want an admin system in their game but understands the need for certain commands.

Model Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/7127320991/Basic-Admin-V1


I can tell from the first sight, it is very basic. I don’t see a lot of admin systems like this, so nice job. Sadly I wouldn’t use it.

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This is a very basic admin indeed, I personally however use my own admin.

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Can I get the link to it? I’d like to see the layout of it.

Dm me on Discord Caleb.#4520
We can discuss there

Could you just give me the link here?

No, as I do not wish to share it publicly.