Basic Badges Lister by ToldFable

This lists every badge in your game and displays whether or not the player has earned said badge(s).


BadgesListerServer goes under ServerScriptService
BadgesUi goes under StarterGui

Note: This is reliant upon, an open source proxy for Roblox’s web APIs

I made this for @Formeru and thought I’d open source the simple version.
Check out his games:



This is definitely really cool! I can’t check the source code right now, but how does this cache results? Can someone just spam a remote function or something?

This uses BadgeService:UserHasBadgeAsync(Player.UserId,BadgeId) on the client side.
The Server-Script’s only job is to get a static list of every badge in the game. Spamming the remote function shouldn’t do anything.

I plan on having caching using datastores in the more advanced version, but this is the simple version. It works perfectly fine if you have less than 30 to 50 badges. If you have 100+ badges then it’ll take more than a few seconds to load, but it’ll still work as intended.

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