Basic Car not working


I am trying to figure out how to make a basic car in Roblox Studio, I have looked and followed many tutorials and they all say to make a base, add 4 cylinders and attach via Hinges. Then add a VehicleSeat and weld to the base and it should work.

I have done this and the Vehicle does not move when I sit in the seat but I can push the Vehicle.

What am I doing wrong or are the videos out of date?


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The videos aren’t outdated, I struggled with this a few months back and the problem was because the cylinders (wheels) aren’t close enough to where the car base should be. The hinges shouldn’t be showing if you get what I’m saying.

Actually it’s because hinges were “removed” and can’t power cars anymore, I suggest using NWSpacek VehicleSeat2:

And for how to use it, ill give you a tutorial: