Basic Console Effect Module V.1.1.0

New module for line thingies :slight_smile:

What is this module?

This module is used to make console like, for example: You transition to a new island.

How do you use it?

Simple, just requires a bit of more coding! We make this script in workspace and put the module in ServerScriptService, we use this code in our script in workspace for testing and examples to make you understand how the module works:

local module = require(game.ServerScriptService.ModuleScript)
module.configureUI(Enum.HorizontalAlignment.Left,,0), true, false)
module.createNewLine(, 1, 1), Enum.Font.SourceSans, 30, "testing")
module.createNewLine(, 0, 0.0156863), Enum.Font.SourceSans, 30, "testing 2")
module.createNewLine(, 0.933333, 0), Enum.Font.SourceSans, 30, "testing 3")
module.configureUI(Enum.HorizontalAlignment.Left,,0), true, true)

If you don’t have the module, the module is free and no credits is required (only if you want to), here’s the link: Module Link

Is it open source?

Yes! This is open source, no credit is needed. Modify! And incase if you accidentally broke your code, you can get the model again.

Here’s how the module looks like:

Please tell me in the comments if you found any bugs so i can update the module!

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UPDATE: i have forgot to add the screengui sorry ):