Basic Glitching GUI Module

I made an GUI effect for glitches :smile:

What is this GUI effect module?

This module is used to trigger an effect, for example: You have stepped on a part and it makes the effect. You have died so it triggers the effect.

How do you use it?

It’s simple! You just need a bit of lines of code to run the glitch effect.
If you already have the module, just for example and testing, put this code in your script in workspace:

local Glitch = require(game.ServerScriptService.GlitchModule)

while true do
	Glitch.Glitch(4,, 1, 0))
	Glitch.Glitch(4,, 1, 0))

If you don’t have the module, the module is free and no credits is required (only if you want to), here’s the link: Glitch Module Link

Why did you make it?

Actually, i only wanted to make this for ProDevRBLX (my beginner coder friend),
but i’ve decided to make this free for everyone.

Here’s how the module looks like:

Please tell me in the comments if you found any bugs so i can update the module!


the module looks good, i’ll rate it 5 stars.

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