Basic Modern TV

Hello I made a Basic TV and I need help with making the Images and Sounds script
so i made a button that plays a song and shows a image, a button to stop the song and take off the image, a button to pause it and resume it, and a button to volume up and down.
in the script i made the volume up button to change the volume to 3 if you click it and volume down to go to 0.5 if you click it and i also wanna play multiple songs and images if you keep pressing the buttons like random songs and images i put in a folder i dont know how to make the volume to contine going up or down instead of a certain number i dont know to make it put more images and sounds randomly or anything, What basic do I have to learn, or How do I achieve this

Picture of TV:

free model i made of it:

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I think this would be better in scripting support.

sorry i forgot it was in building support i made a mistake
changed it

So make a sound
Add a click detector to the button



Inside that add:

Sound.Volume = -- Insert the number after = and make sure to define 'sound'

The script will look like this:

Sound.Volume = 0

Hello @AutoGamerChadYT:

In order to make your Volume Up and Volume Down buttons work, try creating a variable that holds the current sound value and have the two volume buttons simply take a certain increment away from it, like this:

Make sure your TV contains two objects: an Image object to change every time we choose a new image and a sound object to change every time we choose a new sound

local SoundValue = 2 --Default sound value
local Increment = 0.25 --Change this to whatever you want, this determines how much the sound changes on every click

    if SoundValue < 3 then --Change this to the max sound you want
        SoundValue += Increment --This is equal to SoundValue = SoundValue + Increment
         TV.Sound.Sound = SoundValue --Sets the current audio's sound to this

    if SoundValue > 0 then --Change this to the min sound you want
        SoundValue += -Increment --This is equal to SoundValue = SoundValue - Increment
        TV.Sound.Sound = SoundValue --Sets the current audio's sound to this

As for random images and sounds, use a while loop that operates as long as the TV is on. Possibly like this:

local TVIsOn = false --Make this change in the Power On/Off button event
local Sounds = SoundsFolder:GetChildren() --Folder with all audios
local Images = ImagesFolder:GetChildren() --Folder with all images

    TVIsOn = true
    while TVIsOn do
        TV.Image.Image = "rbxassetid://"..Images[math.random(1,#Images)].Image --Chooses a random image
        TV.Sound = "rbxassetid://"..Sounds[math.random(1,#Images)].SoundId --Chooses a random sound
        wait(math.random(1,10) --Change this to a max value you want an image to appear for

    TVIsOn = false --Stops the loop above

This might be very confusing if you’re new to scripting, so I recommend you read about variables, functions and loops to understand the above. I haven’t tested this so it may not even work, and you have to set the right directories for the aforementioned TV.Image, TV.Sound. SoundsFolder and ImagesFolder.

Hope all goes well, best of luck!


Thanks Man, this will help alot and I’m still a little of a Beginner of scripting but I understand it thanks to AlvinBlox

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