Basic Rules and Info for Treebark Cuisine

We are Treebark Cuisine, a new and upcoming vegan restaurant group!

If anyone no matter their rank, is found breaking these rules there will be either a 1 week-to permanent ban.

Basic rules of Treebark Cuisine:

-Topics based around animal slaughter or the endangerment of a living creature is forbidden, especially if mentioned on purpose. Other topics such as OD, or anything of a mature matter is also punishable by a ban.

-This group is for all communities and individuals, but that doesn’t mean you can single people out and make fun of them. Everyone has the right to be respected and treated well.

-Spamming: A simple rule. Just don’t spam the same repetitive sentence, or try and fill the group wall with scams. If we have reason to believe your account may be linked to anything similar we have the right to remove you.

-Although Roblox’s filters are great at blocking inappropriate or unsafe content, there are the few who manage to bypass this. Anyone who is found breaking any of the known Roblox rules will be reported and removed. Ex. Swearing, posting inappropriate links, offensive language.

We would love for people to send affiliate requests! If you’re unsure, just post on the group wall.

Ranking Up

Thank you for taking the time to read this :slight_smile: