Basic Selection stops working on Duplicated Parts/Loaded parts

When selecting a part, at some point whether it is duplicated or a new place is launched, selection ceases to work for certain parts within a model or the workspace, treating them like “Locked” Objects

We haven’t quite found a reliable way for this to occur but it happens in:
Higher Part count places more reliably.
Duplicating or copying large amount of objects/dense models
Moving large models in Team Create, then undo-ing

Once it starts occurring, newly duplicated parts stop selecting, regardless of the place’s state

This occurs in:
QoL dragger beta and without. In both Team Create and without.
Just the Default CollsionGroup, or setting objects to other CollisionGroups
Newly created places, with items duplicated/copied over.

Note: I have the new Dragger Beta ON and a few other build plugins (visible orbs on gif) though, turning these on or off still has the bug occuring


One workaround we found was to simply turn off CanQuery off of the parts, this enables selection again for the sake of building


This has happened to me too! I haven’t been able to find out what causes it myself, I thought I was going crazy and had to select the part through the explorer to check if it was locked or not, and it was not. But the oddest part was I couldn’t click select the part, I had to drag and select and that would work. Restarting studio fixed it for me, but it has happened twice now total starting 2 days ago.

  • Do you see an error in the output when this happens?

  • Is it only the literal duplicate command (Ctrl+D) or also copy + paste?

  • If you insert a new part with Insert Part in the context menu does selection work for that?

  • Does the place have SignalBehavior Immediate or Deferred?

There is no output, it’s persistent in the place once it starts happening. There could be a output when it starts occurring but without a reliable way to start it up, I have no notes on that

It is both CTRL D and Copy Paste

New parts with insert part in the top bar also produces new blocks with this behaviour, they cannot be selected

SignalBehavior is set to default


Do you have SBS or F3X installed? Could you try selecting the objects with a different 3rd party editing tool the next time it happens? (I suspect this may not actually be a problem in the dragger code and a third party tool also not working would confirm that)

This also happens to me, and I can not select it even with SBS. New dragger beta is off for me.


In that case this must be a physics broad-phase issue, so it may take some time to get to the bottom of, I’ve passed it along to the right people to investigate.

Could you elaborate on this?

Changing CanQuery from True → False made it work again?

And if you set CanQuery back to True does it break again?

Yes, setting CanQuery to False makes it work, and setting it back will break it again. It’s part specific so once a part is ‘broken’ it doesn’t fix itself

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To follow up, I can confirm that SBS or other selection based plugins also do not function correctly (And I also presume Raycast based plugins also) These plugins also do not work Resize Align, Gap Fill, Part Picker, Rope Tool)
all parts in the gif have CanQuery On, (and CanCollide, CanTouch, Unlocked)


Turning CanQuery to false does not fix this issues with stravant’s Reflect plugin, or any other plugins that require selecting surfaces, any ETA on a fix for this? It makes a lot of tasks basically impossible with the default Roblox tools.

To follow up, we found a consistent repro on broad-phase issues that are likely causing this so we should be able to make progress on a fix.


We’ve flipped a flag. Can you confirm if this is fixed now?

Fixed on my side, good to see :+1:

fixed on my side too. Thanks guys

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