Basic Tools Feedback!

Hello you people! today i’ve been working in some basic tools (pickaxe and a axe),its my first creation that im proud of,if there is anything that you think i should fix,thank you for your attention!


10/10, you even took good care for small details, what will you do with them?

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really thank u! im going to use them for a game im working in!

Very epic tools. Did they require work in blender at all?

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yes,i used blender,it wasnt so hard,if u want a tip i recomend you using a reference image :wink:

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Very cool, I am learning modeling and I hope to make a set of tools inspired by you one day! I was wondering, did you use the software “Blender” to make these models?

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Yes i used it!roblox Studio isnt very good for modeling know?also thx for the support mate

I really like the axe head it looks really nice.