Basic Tycoon Hand Made Game

i worked myself on that tycoon game and it looks similar to other tycoon games

  • And i have a question

i retyped on a free model that i found on social media and made it look times 10 better than a free model game after months of work on it, does that means i'm getting terminated if i earn robux off of this game or not?.

Feel free to check it out, just dont forget to let me know about this.

It is a good game, but you can get things REALLY quickly. I spent 5 minutes in it, and got every dropper.

No, you won’t be terminated for using a free model :wink: That is why they are there.

Overall, good game. The map is pretty flat/plain, but that is just opinion. There is no shop as well.

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Free models are in the toolbox for a reason! You would not be terminated for using one. :smiley:

The map is, indeed, a little plain, but with a bit more decoration, it could come together, and look amazing! Overall, a great game. Keep up the amazing work!

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Not true since free models are public domain. :grinning:

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Honestly i was scared to say that.

anyways thank you so much for your opinion it made my day okay?

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I thnk its great! just delete the colorizer and the materializer because they dont do anything.

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I think the game is cool and imma share it with lots of my friends