Basque Lauburu - too swastika-like for roblox?

Howdy folks, I’m working on a game set in the Pays Basque region of South-Western France,now Lauburu is a prominent symbol used across the area for various purposes, ranging from commercial (branding on local products) to cultural, now I’d love to use the symbol myself for an extra layer of immersion and cultural accuracy, only think keeping me from doing it right now is the superficial resemblance it bears to a swastika, to cut to the chase my question is: Is this too reminiscent to a swastika to be used in Roblox? Could i somehow change up its design to reference it without actually using it directly?
Thanks in advance! Examples of the symbol below.


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If I saw that I wouldn’t immediately think of a swastika unless someone pointed it out to me, I think you’ll be fine, if it gets through moderation you should be fine.