Batch Requests with MarketplaceService

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to fully accomodate to clothing/merchandise groups in terms of manipulating their products within games.
By this I am specifically looking at displaying multitudinous products within a game. From this I believe it would be easier for us developers to
create games as such if we could make Batch Requests via the MarketplaceService.

For example I like to make an in-game catalog of a group’s available items. This is partially due to the glitchy nature of the site catalog;
but is mostly because this can give a creator control in terms of product subcategorisation and other aggregation methods.
This is made difficult by the current state of the MarketplaceService as there are limits on the rate of requests for GetProductInfo and such, as there should be,
but if we were able to make batch requests (say, maybe 500 items?) problems like this would be countered in one foul swoop.
(In my experience I’ve only needed to request the information on up to 340 items at one time).

local productArray = {1161624995, 1159807327, 1159752139}
local productInfoSet = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(productArray)

Yes, yes, yes! This would be awesome. (Although there should be some kind of limit to prevent overload.)


Also batch fetching assets owned. I have like 40 gamepasses in my game(and adding more). That’s a lot to check in an 8 player server. Would it not be easier on roblox to let me determine which ones they own at once rather than do 40*8 checks?


We now have AvatarEditorService:GetBatchItemDetails. However at the time of writing this, either Roblox servers are being slow or this feature is so insanely rate limited that making individual calls with MarketplaceService is actually safer

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