Battle of the Builders - Beta Testing

Greetings! I am Willi, a Roblox developer for 5 years. You may know me as the creator of Bloxy Kart, and I would like to show off my next Roblox game that launches September 16, 2023.

Introducing Battle of the Builders

Battle of the Builders is a re-creation of Hypixel Build Battle on Roblox.

To play this game, all you got to do is join a match with the NPC’s inside of the lobby, or with the dedicated UI for joining! (The NPC’s are not yet ready as we are waiting for the new lobby to be finished building)

Once you are in the elevator, you wait for at least 1 more player to join. Each game can have 8 players at once! (There will be a test option to allow you to play yourself)

Next, you choose one of the 5 categories that are presented to you. All you got to do is click it and wait for the other people to! The game will choose the most popular category then move on.

Then you have 5 minutes to build with the blocks that function similar to Minecraft’s. (More will be added as well)

After that, everyone goes to one plot, and then vote how good it is, then the process repeats until everyone went to everyone’s plots.

Then after that, the leaderboard shows up (Although, I may have a firework show for the winner then show the leaderboard)

Then after that, you go back to the lobby and play again. I plan to have a lot more categories than I already have before release.

What you can buy in the game

Battle of the Builders is based off of Bloxy Kart, so every character from Bloxy Kart are in the game. Also, multiple Bloxy Kart characters have brand new skins you can choose from.

Along with this, you have the ability to purchase new blocks for use (Coming soon), and you can even set up your default hotbar for future rounds!

Emotes are also planned but it could be delayed for a future update.

Is there a trailer for the game?

Yes, although it is a teaser trailer, another trailer for around the game’s release should come out.

How do I sign up for the beta?

  1. Join my Roblox group as this is a group game:
  1. Apply here:

If selected, I will rank you up in the group then send you the Discord Server if you choose the Discord Server option for contact.

Anyone else I need?

If you are an exploiter / know how to exploit, I would really appreciate if you can help find vulnerabilities that I missed with the game. Just let me know in the application! :slight_smile:

How can I help?

I am worried that this game won’t succeed, so if you can, pls offline donate me @BillB1ox and this will be a really big help for the future of the game as 100% of the revenue that I make will be used for ads and sponsors. Although this is optional and not required, it will help out a lot!

You can also send feedback here about the game and ask or suggest things to keep this post on top.


Battle of the Builders - Beta 2:

  • New Plot Design for Battles made by @greenflash2525
  • Mobile improvements
  • Added Search to the Block List in-game
  • Added new blocks that you can purchase
  • Added tooltips to help players learn how to play
  • Added the Block Shop
  • Added a door System
  • Added a minute warning
  • Changed the results a bit
  • Fixed a bug with Matchmaking where you could zoom in and out of the camera
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seems like a pretty cool game, i think it could blow up. good job!

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Thanks so much! This means so much to me! I am hoping it will get some sort of success :grinning:

dude this takes me back to my minecraft build battle days, this game could for sure to AMAZING numbers, i wish you the best man

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looks pretty awesome. keep up the great work. this has potential!

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Battle of the Builders - Beta 3:

  • Placement on mobile is significantly better and reworked
  • Added blocks to the Block Menu when you open it
  • Extra details
  • Logo change
  • Other minor bug fixes