Battle Royale game tutorial is under a non-FOSS, poorly fitting and restrictive license

Obviously I am not a lawyer, nor should anything I say here be construed to be legal advice. If someone reading this is not sure, ask a lawyer, not read what I post on a forum post!

The license I’m talking about is here:

Copyright 2020, Roblox, Inc., all rights reserved.
This software is proprietary to Roblox, Inc and it is licensed to you under the terms of Roblox’s Limited Use License, a copy of which may be obtained here (the “License”). You may not use the software except in compliance with the License, unless you have executed a separate written license with Roblox for use of the Software, in which case your separate license will control.
This software is provided on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied, for limited uses as described in greater detail in the License.

The license itself can be found here as well.

It details that the code is:

“solely for the purpose of internal, non-production
evaluation and testing of the Licensed Software, and only in connection with your otherwise permitted use of
the Roblox products and services for which the Licensed Software was designed for use.”

And more worryingly

You must not distribute the Licensed
Software or derivatives thereof in whole or in part
, or modify, copy, or make derivative works based on, or
otherwise reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile any portion of the Licensed Software not made
available to you by Roblox in source form.

Again I am not a lawyer (and the grammar here is slightly ambiguous to me), but I read this to mean I’m not allowed to give this code (or any code I make using it) to anyone else.


Your testing of the Licensed Software and the results thereof and your Feedback,
are all Roblox confidential information (“Confidential Information”) and may not be used for any purpose
other than your testing and evaluation of the Licensed Software, or shared with any other person or company,
nor may you (i) disclose, publish, or disseminate Confidential Information to anyone (ii) perform any
benchmarking test or similar comparative research, (iii) disclose any results, opinions, or summaries of the
Licensed Software or any Confidential Information.

Meaning that I can’t run the game and tell anyone about the results?

This license doesn’t seem to fit the idea that people are going to learn from this code - why is a standard open source code license not being used here? I haven’t read the code myself because I’m not going to download the file until I understand why this license has been chosen, but If specific assets are being used that are causing issues, why can’t those be removed?

As I’ve said, I’m no lawyer, but this license doesn’t seem usual for open source materials. Can this be looked into? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, we are looking into this.


We want to make sure we’ve addressed your concerns properly. We are actively discussing with our legal department and will respond again shortly.


Has there been an update on this? Can I look at the source code without being sued or something?

That’s not the issue being raised in the thread: fact of the matter, you wouldn’t ever get sued just for looking at source code, that’s silly and wasteful of legal, financial and other related resources. You also can’t police what people see. It’s more of a redistribution thing.

The issue is that the Battle Royale game tutorial is not considered FOSS because of its license, which also presents very restrictive terms while you have access to it. In short, without all the legalese, it is essentially stating that you can’t do anything that involves any party other than yourself (no sharing code in part or in whole, no testing with results shared to anyone else, no publishing, so on).


We have updated the license to better represent the true intent.

I hope this addresses the previous concerns that were raised. Thanks to everyone here for the feedback on this, we appreciate it.


So it’s basically an MIT License now?