Battle Royale Project [1000 USD plus 50% income from game for life] + Others


Add me on discord I’ll message you when I leave work today! Starmarine614#7400


I can’t add you from some reason.

Add me instead, Tor#1329


I have a gun modeler who could be up for the job, add me too, Erythia#2015


Is this still open? If it is hit me up over the Dev Forums messaging system. I am a builder.


I would stray away from copying Fortnite if I were you. If the game gets enough plays, the company will start to take notice and may tell you to take it down, forcing you to almost throw away all your work.

If I recall correctly, the same thing happened with Pokemon Brick-Bronze.


This is true, although Battle Royale games are a genre and if it is not a direct copy they should be fine.
It will not be copying anyone’s direct IP.
Unless the person who invented Battle Royale’s gets involved.
I could be wrong but generally just play it safe and try not to straight up copy any core mechanics or anything along those lines.