Battle Royale Project [1000 USD plus 50% income from game for life] + Others


Looking for one or two people to collab with me on a Battle Royale game on Roblox. I am mainly searching for a coder, but I have some other things needed like “skins” if you are a clothes maker I need some cool skins to sell in game, or if you create vehicles I want to add something similar to a ATK from fortnite in game. I am going to build mostly everything I just need you to make it work. Depending on how long development takes payments will be 100$ weekly with progress being made. If game is finished before 10 weeks you will receive the rest in full upon game release.

List of things that would need to be done from you:

  1. Mini map
  2. Storm system
  3. Randomized loot
  4. In-game currency
  5. Battle pass system (rank up to earn rewards for a season)
  6. Health system (bandages, shields, etc)
  7. Make the guns work
  8. Party up system (play with friends)
  9. Menu screen
  10. Challenge system

Model Builder: ($50 per model)

  1. Golf cart with good suspension and control
  2. Guns

Terrain Builder: ($250 + 5% income)

  1. Help me design vibrant terrain out of bricks for the map (Cliffs, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, etc)

More positions will open in the future if you are interested!


Hey there I’m interested in your project. I translate and can also do UI. If neither are interested I would love to be the Community Manager. I could engage with the community get their ideas, see what they like, dislike, I can make new ideas, manage social media etc.

Lookin forward into working with you!


1000 bucks for scripting the entire game… jeez

1000 bucks for the weapon systems alone would be cutting it close, but I suppose somebody might take you up anyways.


It’s a guaranteed $1000 upon completion, along with a permanent 20% income from the game.
I think that’s a pretty neat deal.


What would be a fair price to you?


this could be big if it’s a H1Z1/PUBG Type


I mean it’s not entirely practical for most people but I’ve done it for ~30x that a few years ago.

It’s really based on the quality of the work & the skill level of the developer.


Literally anything that anyone else on the team creates turns into more work for the programmer. Even if it’s just an extra item, that means the programmer likely has to go in and either create a system friendly enough for everyone on the team to use, or create the settings for each individual item themselves. That’s already ignoring things like securing network events, making sure all game systems coexist together properly, etc.
You’re basically asking someone to create a battle royale game just as big and detailed as the ones already out there, and the ones who made those get paid upwards of $40k a year, $3k a month.

Your entire game hinges on the proficiency of the programmer. In an ideal situation, they’d be getting the biggest cut, and a nice upfront in the event the game doesn’t hit it off.

Keep that in mind when thinking of how to fairly compensate your programmer[s].


I’d like to also chip in and say 20% is definitely not good enough for a programmer.


Although the % should be a bit higher, you are getting $1000 dollar completion bonus, whether that’s guaranteed or not.


Considering the programmer is the most important job, and the fact that your asking for a lot of stuff to be done, $1000 and 50% (At the least) would be a better offer.


Yeah - it’s really about the quality of work and the tier he’s expecting. The 20% + 1000$ dollars is a decent price, though 40% would be far more acceptable for the programmer.

I know a time where I’d have accepted this, for sure though.


Now I know, I appreciate the feedback. I haven’t made anything new in a while I’m used to paying people in robux to work with me, and it was no where near that high in price. Times have changed haha.


I’ll definitely up it to 50%


Are there any positions open for a music composer?


Would it be possible to get paid with Robux that equals the payment you offer? (I’m a clothing designer)






I didn’t think of that , but it would be cool to add in! PM me!


Alright, is there anywhere I can contact you for more details?