Battle Warfare: Dev-log #1


Hi and Welcome,
This is my first ever post on dev-forums so sorry if it isn’t amazing but this is the first dev-log of Battle warfare I hope you like what you see lets get started with my Advance Datastore system.


Advance Datastore

I’m going to be fully honest it isn’t as advance as I say but its better than most data stores on Roblox, with this new data store system we can just save folders of stats, To make saving much easier we also made a bindable function to force save you’re stats we will mostly use this for when the player gains BWC (In game currency)

Some Images for the scripting nerds out there:

The rest of this section is for the scripting nerds so if you just want to see progress go to the next topic but the way this data store works is there is one script called Data store this is the script that contains all the saveData and loadData Functions but what we do is save the folders in one data store witch saves all the int values or whatever you decided to put in it, and yes I do know that the server script service is hidden to the client when the game starts but that’s why the stats get placed inside of the PlayerData folder inside of the BW folder that is located in Replicated Storage that is where admins/Developers can edit player stats I think that sums the Data store system up lets move to the next section.


I’m going to be honest I haven’t really done much UI for Battle warfare I will but I have been more focused on scripting other things but here is a little video of the old loading screen ofc its not done and will most likely change in the future.


This is something I have done quite a lot of research on I also took some inspiration from Modern Warfare [ALPHA] - Roblox I think you can guess where he took his inspiration from but here are a few screen shots of my barley finished lobby

There is a custom walk animation for it you just can’t really see it well on screenshots but I plan on adding a 3D menu or a really interactive 2D menu both will look good.

Gun System

This would be big If we didn’t restart this like 5 times but me and the other developer (ItsArow / Arownic) are working quite hard on the gun system since we don’t want it to be a good game just with a bad gun system, The only issue right now is there is nothing much to show for the gun system at the moment since we restarted it quite recently but lets move to the last section.

Planned Features

We have a lot planned that’s why are planned release date is like some point next year (2025) but its worth the wait, Since most of are planned features are quite cool and its not like players wont be able to play the game at all since we will host like test sessions but back to the section planned features

We have a fairly good idea on what we want to achieve with vehicles. Possible vehicle types include planes, helicopters, boats, cars and tanks that’s what’s planned but depending on how well are game is optimized and how well the vehicle system is designed we might attempt to add more like motorcycles and bikes, We also plan on adding customizability to these vehicles by adding skins for most of the vehicles in the game but that’s it for the vehicles.

Battle pass
I know battle passes are like the one thing that ruined modern day gaming that’s why I’m 50/50 on the idea of the battle pass but I think we need to add it, It just adds more grind to the game giving us more playtime so from a business viewpoint its a smart decision but I think I’m going to make some changes to actually make battle passes a alright thing, My current idea right now is making it so the battle pass can be gotten for free since the player will be able to get BWC (In game currency) from doing Daly quests I have more ideas but I will need to see if they are possible.

End Of Dev-Log

Well this is the End of the first BW dev-log I suppose I Should put the discord invite and the group invite here but if you read this all thanks for spending you’re time reading the dev-log I will properly release the next one some point next month (March 2024) But goodbye and please join the discord it helps us


I think next Dev-log I will spend more time on the quality of the post


okay but why did you make a fake loading screen that doesn’t seem to load anything


Looking nice! I like the loading screen design.


Like I said I didn’t finish it yet for testing preposes I just tweened the loading bar just to give the effect of loading so I can see if the menu will look in Place after the loading screen is done, it was just a quick way to see if how the game could look like.

Yeah I plan on redesigning it since its heavily based of the deadline loading screen
([0.21.10] Deadline - Roblox)