Battle Warfare (Developer Application)

ArcCreations Team

About Us
Hi, Welcome to Battle Warfare Developer Application, We are looking for new coming developers to help them get kicked started with this passionate project. We are working On bringing a similar world of COD to Roblox In are own way. This means are own Campaign, Zombies and are Own Multiplayer Mode. We are Looking for UI Designers, Builders, Scripters and People who have somewhat of a common knowledge of blender. Now I will like to say this is a passion project, and applying for this you must know that you might not even get paid, this is planned to give you the most experience possible getting paid is a bonus if the game dose well. if they game that we are working on dose do well all payments will be split between the volunteers (You Reading this).

Current Team
@Crox - Owner / Head Scripter
@Arow - Scripter
@Waddle_duck - Head Builder

You can see our progress so far here: BW Tech_TestPlace - Roblox --// This is are lobby test place right now we attempted a MW lobby but we plan on making a new and our own unique Lobby

About The Job
I already listed most of what we are looking for but this part is important if you’re wondering what you get out of this witch I have also said but this sums it up better, From this you will get Work experience, so you will adapt and get use to Working in a team, you will get experience for what ever job you volunteer for as here at Battle Warfare we push are developers to there max to get the best possible results.

Our game needs work on the following, Map, Gun system, Vehicle system, Game systems e.g Capture points and other. We already have a Idea on how to do this and we will assist you if needed.

Rewards for joining the project
you will have people there to help you with your project I’m usually quite a busy person but in my free time I would love to help you with one of your personal projects.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum you must be over 12 to apply.

Thanks for reading!
regards The ArcCreations Team

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