Battleboards - Version 0.2.7


Version 0.2.7 (Easter Update)
This minor update sets the game’s theme to Easter alongside a few new items.


  • Readded Easter Meadows
  • Added 3 new faces (Dispirited, Chubbs, Battle Girl)


  • Fixed Evil Grin not appearing in-game

General Changes

  • Updated Lobby to Easter
  • Updated UI to Easter



Though this update is listed as an Easter update, this does NOT include an event this year. Easter was voted by the community to have the event cut this year so we were able to have more time on normal schedule. Therefore, there is no special crate added or new event boards. For those wondering when the next notably sized Battleboards update will be; we plan on making the Summer update this year fairly larger in scale adding new boards & possibly new gamemodes.

The game will be returned back to normal on April 12th, 2021.