BaUIn - A regular ban gui that uses roblox ban API

I made a ban ui for a youtube timelapse video and I wanted to share it. This gui is inspired by the slap battles ban gui. So I hope you guys like it!

Here a example of it:

Here the link for the model:


A suggestion for this: maybe disable the unban button if the user is not banned and vice-versa. Also serves as a way to check bans on the fly. You can also disable the reason bit if they’re detected as banned.

thanks for the suggestion, I would probably try that as a experiment because I dont know how it going to work and if it going to work but thanks.

but also how will I be able to check if the player is not banned with roblox ban API? I didnt really checked the how docs of it but I will try to do it.

I dont have permission to get the model

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I like how simple and easy to use it is!
the only problem is that the update is broken and it banned all my accounts so i had to go through the hell of roblox support to get my account back.

What do you mean by that? I’m pretty sure everyone have permission to get the model.

We do not have permission to access the model.

We do not have permission to access the model.

No access, cool design though.

You were surely right when you said ‘regular’