Bayfight - 5v5 Realtime Multiplayer - Ideas Please!

Hello everyone,

I have decided to move to indie game development recently and suddenly thought of an idea for a battleship game, something based off another hit game Battle Bay by Rovio. It’s a 5v5 game with Team Elimination, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag modes inside.

The reason why I especially considered this was because Battle Bay itself hasn’t gotten any major updates since 2019 and I wish to revive something I played in my childhood. Effectively, the versioning will start at 5.0 as I view my project as a successor, if everything proceeds fine.

Each match will last 5 minutes with Capture The Flag mode including a 1 minute overtime if necessary. As it has longer rounds compared to most other games, I’d like to find out whether you people would think that this game has potential to succeed? I have all the necessary development tools ready, just need to see if this game is feasible in the long-term as I want to make something that can help me through college if possible.

Thanks to all in advance!

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You haven’t given us very many details about the game design, but so far this idea sounds good.

Can you tell us more? It sounds interesting.

Sorry for the late response, it’s effectively a 5v5 shooter game where you have battleships. There is a large variety of modes.

It’s just a remake of a ship version of World of Tanks Blitz.

A new version is “Sink The Mothership”, which includes the main battleship, where you can deploy smaller ships (speeders will be the one here) and they’ll be able to attack each other’s mothership. On the mothership itself, one can control the weapons individually. It’ll analyze who is more proficient at which weapon, and assign them to it.

At the same time, the original 5v5 version just features 5v5 as the name states. Ranked will be team elimination while casual can be team elimination, team deathmatch or even capture the flag. You never know what you’re going to get.

The main ships carried over will be:

The ships to be nerfed are:

The ships to be buffed are:

There’s a system of slots in this case, where we have red for weapons, blue for defense, yellow for utility, green for fixing and teal for buffs, such as a defense wall.

I’ve also considered reverting to an old training system, where there are forks throughout and researching one object leads to the other being unavailable.

It’ll also return to the Mk system, with new models too. Effectively, your tools are limited unless you climb up further, which means no railgun spamming at a low level :wink:

Another type of ship I’ve been planning to add is the Challenger, which was once proposed. It’ll be the first to have violet slots and an additional ship with violet slots will accompany it.

It’s a long reply but hope you get the gist of it :slight_smile: