BBcode Reference

I found some BBcode that some parts are not listed in the Boardcode object, and I thought I could leave it here.

Kunena BBcode Reference

I didn’t know the

If that confidential tag worked, only the author (me), forum moderators, and admins should be able to see that.

It does work. Your late, many people are using it.

Sorry for not being English -_-

Sorry for not being English -_-[/quote]
Seany, does that really even matter? So what if he didn’t use you’re correctly? We could still understand what he is trying to say.

Sorry for not being English -_-[/quote]

It’s not a huge deal :stuck_out_tongue: I’m English and Google Chrome still catches tons of typos :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t do word usage though :stuck_out_tongue:

What other language do you speak?

I speak Nrowegian, Swedish, English and some German, but not much.

And he was making fun of you for a mistake that (dumb :P) English speakers make :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on knowing all those languages!


Thanks for the useful reference!

Fiskeboller Übermensh Swääääääääääääääääääääägg :swag: