BC:FR Update Log - Fire Department Overhaul

New Features

New Fire Station: Go check out the new fire station located where the previous one was.

New Fire Vehicles: Introducing all new vehicles models on the BCFD team with refreshed ELS and liveries.

New Fire System: Players on the BCFD team can now fight fires throughout the map. When a fire occurs, players on the fire team will receive a notification of the fire type, where it’s located, and the name of the building that is on fire. Alarms at the fire station will ring along with lights. Players can then go fight the fires and put them out! Please note that fires will ONLY start when a player is on the BCFD team.

System Details
  • Fires will spawn randomly between 10 - 15 minutes. NOTE: A player must be on the BCFD team for a fire to start.

Updated Dealership & Parking Spaces: Clone’s Dealership has been updated with a new building and new interior. All parking lots / parking spaces in the game have received minor improvements.

Bugs & Improvements

  • Removed Holiday Decorations.
  • Reduced Part-Lag.
  • Fixed minor terrain issues.
  • Attempted to fix the issue of players’ view getting stuck in different cars.
  • Minor bug fixes.


@MrGamingZB – Creator / Lead Developer
@frajestic – Community Manager
@Dozer151 – Senior Developer
@FR4SHWAT3R – Developer
@41clone – Developer

BC:FR Testers

You can check out the update here!

If you find any bugs, please report them in our community server in the bug-reports channel.

Feel free to let us know what you think of this update in our community server! If you have any suggestions we would like to hear those too!

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