Be a pizza chef simulator Devlog

be a pizza chef simulator Devlog

After Release:

game is not released yet.

Before Release:


The mop actually works now. It gives you 3 cash and it affects the rating.


Changed a LOT of the UI. I think it looks a lot better now.


After a month, I’ve finally found a moving system that works. This system doesn’t glitch randomly and doesn’t fling the player.


Currently trying to work on a nametag thing for the VIP players. I’m also gonna try to have a store where you can buy nametags that show up when you talk in the chat.

After about 30 minutes, it finally worked. This took me so long because I wrote PlayerId as PlayerID


Trying to make mop work. I’m also trying to make it be that the customer leaves a little bit of a mess once they leave so the player has to clean it up.


Game trailer was created by aGovernmentMan. It’s the bestest. :sunglasses:

unknown date

Finished building the main parts of the game.


There’s now a soundtrack thing for the game.

unknown date

Instead of making the ingredients weld together, I’m making it be that it clones a new model. For example, if you move the sauce to a regular dough, it clones a new model with sauce connected to dough. I also made some new UI for the game.

This plugin made making the UI more easy. It has over 900+ material icons, 15+ patterns and textures, game icon pack from Kenny, and more!


First soundtrack of the game has been made by aGovernmentMan. It sounds very nice.


You can connect the ingredients together now. I’m making it be that they weld together so they stick on.


Starting a project that’s basically Cook Burgers and Work at a Pizza Place combined with more added features. What I have done so far is just a feature to have the ingredients float around like in Lumber Tycoon 2. This community tutorial helped me make it. It’s a bit buggy, though, so I’m thinking about replacing it to make it similar to how the objects move in Work at a Pizza Place.