Be able to switch themes when signed out

Greeting y’all,

As a DevForum user, it is currently difficult to use the forum when signed out because it forces you to use light theme. I usually have use dark mode, so navigating the site in light mode for more than a minute or two is not very user-friendly (or eye-friendly). Plus, earlier today, everyone was in this “signed out” mode because of the heavy load, so if we are forcibly signed out, at least we should be able to switch themes.

On Discourse, you are able to switch themes without logging in. The hamburger button menu looks like this with the themes listed under the categories. I propose that this should be done for the DevForum as well.

If this was added, it’d improve my development experience because I can comfort my eyes without having to rush to the sanctuary of logging in.

Thank you.


Loggin in to the forum just takes a few seconds, so I don’t really think this is helpful in any way.

Features are ment to solve problems, and this does not look like one.

Logging in sometimes may not be wanted or for those with 2FA, is slower. Imagine opening a mobile device just to browse the Forum at night. You’d have to sign in to use dark mode or simply deal with it.

While this is a low-priority feature, I don’t know why it was removed (or not added) from Discourse. Practically every sight supporting theme-switching allows this to be an option in guest-mode, so it’d be good for the Forum to do so also.





When this happened it looks like “Users” went missing.


No, that was actually a separate change for scalability purposes.


Honestly, the star that is there looks pretty terrible and low quality…


I think it’d be better fitting if the words of the theme you are currently using would be bolded… how it is now looks like a typo, I didn’t even know what that star meant until I saw this thread. It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the site.

Little bit nitpicky don’t you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW it looks like they just installed this: Hamburger Theme Selector - theme - Discourse Meta

You can suggest that Discourse update it if you know of a better design, but it’s probably done that way for a reason.


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