Beach Homestore Build in progress (Feedback)

Working on a Homestore, what do you all think so far? Also I need help/opinions on what to add. Thanks in advance.
Front Angle One

Front Angle Two

Inside Angle One

Inside Angle Two


That good picture and good build :slightly_smiling_face: keep it up !
And when you finished so go to lighting and technology to future , is will look good !


This looks good for what you might prefer, I personally think it should be way more colorful, such as teal, orange, yellow, and the trim shouldn’t be such a bold color. This a bit small for a beach build so I would add tons of detail related to the overall topic, beach! Good work keep it up!


I like the exterior shape, and I think good interior lighting and detailing would carry the build. Nice job so far, man!


It would be much better if your place had some islands out in the surrounding water would help so it doesn’t make the build have an abandoned look or feel to it.

Since you’re more looking for help to add things you can just add just about anything even search existing home store and see what it implements and then you could take inspiration and go from there. By having a decent interior and exterior.

For the exterior, maybe place some clothing stands around the entrance to set a better atmosphere, adding things like vegetation throughout the area would make it more appealing not only having the interior detailed, but placing objects here and there would have a resemblance of a real life home store

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Looking epic so far! I think adding some trees would be a nice touch. Maybe add other tropical islands? For the inside you could add some art and maybe different levels (so you can show off the best work higher). Keep up the good work! :+1:

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If you think of a beach type building it would be made out of some type of wood? So, Maybe making the walls like a cabin or something that has wood on it. Most beach Stores are made out of wood type material.