Beach house build

Just a small project I finished please leave some constructive criticism



The build is overall good, but why is there a bush in the sand? :joy:

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Looks good, I feel this house is like built by a stranded man.

But the bush on the sand looks awkward (I agree with IProgramForFun), in my opinion.

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That looks great! What I would do here is add some windows to make the house more open. Yeah, the bush seems pretty off considering we’re in sand (just like the other two suggestions)

Good job and keep up the good work!


I love this! Are you going to use it in a game?

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I dont have a use for this, I just enjoy building so this is probs just gonna be added to a portfolio so i can try get jobs in the future as I advance, but other than that I have no use for it ive asked a few people if they would like to use it but they dont need it either lol.

ah ok, keep up the good work! :+1:

The roof is amazing & the build is nice. My recommendations would be duplicating more rocks & using a different water texture/terrain.

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its a think that exists look it up

yeah but there not full on bushes though, actually that makes no sense

ive seen them though and i just looked it up and they exist

maybe they dont look like the ones in the build exactly

Lol theres pretty funny thanks for telling me; it still looks really weird though


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this looks really cool i especially like the color of the water and the roof

He was probably going for something like this.


Oh that makes sense thanks for the picture really sheds on light on what I didnt already know thanks man!

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Looks good I like the rocks in the water :smile: