Beam Attachment Problem

So I set a beams attachment in the script but when I check in workspace where the beam is located and look at the attachment0 and attachment1 it is blank for some reason here is the script where I make the beam and assign it’s attachments.

local Beam ="Beam")
Beam.Name = "Web"
Beam.Parent = target
Beam.Color ="Institutional white")
Beam.Attachment0 = buildingattachment
Beam.Attachment1 = LeftArmAttachment

Did you parent the attachments to the beam as well? I think attachments cannot be directly parented to the workspace they must be children of instances.

No the attachments are not in workspace

They must parented to part instances.

Thats exactly what I did…

How are you creating these attachments? Are you using scripts or are they already in the workspace before you play test?

Try setting the attachments before parenting the beam.


Oh It worked thanks for the help man!

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When it comes to creating new instances the last thing you should do is assign the parent.

Alright Ill keep that in mind thanks!

Glad to help also I think beam.color should be a Color sequence.

Oh it’s working just fine with brickcolor

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