Beam effect problem

Hello everyone. :slight_smile:

A few days ago I was working on a Ghostbusters-like beam, like shown on the images below:


But the closest i came to a beam like these was this:

Does someone have an idea on how i can improve this?


It might be your texture… look at the beams in this reference from Roblox and it should help them look more like what you need:

It gives you three asset ids for three different looking beams, i think the middle one is the one you want.


Thanks man, I now got this:

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Could i get an image of the properties of the beam/-s?
Also for me, it looks like the TextureLength is a bit too low, so you maybe try and play around with that. I will put an image showing the result of editing the TextureLength.


[Also that non-edited is the standard that came with that assetid (rbxassetid://6060542021) i used, the edited is the result of setting the value down so i think you maybe try setting it up]

I hope I helped you out!

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