Beam texture doesn't scroll straight when width isn't uniform

The texture on beams doesn’t seem to scroll straight when Width0 and Width1 aren’t the same, causing extreme distortion unless the segment count is too high to notice.

On the far left is the texture I’m using. The only difference between these four beams is the segment count. From left to right: 1 > 4 > 8 > 128.

I’d expect them all to look like the one on the far right.

What seems to be happening.


BeamBug2.rbxl (13.2 KB)
This is just the place file used for the picture.


A fix live in version 318


Yeah I was just checking it out. It’s better but there’s definitely still something weird going on.


There is a limitation in the calculation that the width can’t be less than 0.1.

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That should be a note on the wiki for the Width0/Width1 properties of Beam (@UristMcSparks)

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That explains what’s going on in the gif, but there’s still the picture. They’re all in-sync but the one on the left with just 1 segment looks a lot different.

Bilinear interpolation will cost much more performance. So we are using a projective method to calculate the uv value. It will have some distortion when width difference is high. Here is an article about it


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