Beams disappear on the client but still visible on the server

I feel like I’m going insane because of this issue. Nothing is working for me!

So I’m noticing any part with multiple beams completely disappear from any client, while still appearing on the server. There are absolutely NO scripts altering this, and the part itself isn’t local/server-side, so I fail to understand why this is even happening.

Also the black box is the player (covered it up for security reasons)

Inside the “Clouds” object:


I can guarantee this happens on other clients as well. There is no point in including computer specs and operating systems since this bug also happens on basically any other computer (PCs’ and MACs’, not sure about other OSs’, since I don’t own any others).

This is the same model with the patterns (which are pixelated clouds may I add). Adding it into the Workspace and simply playing on any client with it there should trigger the bug. I’m certain it’s reproducible. Serversidebug-CloudsREPRO.rbxm (3.2 KB)


I can’t reproduce. Could you please offer a place file? I think this is caused by the Clouds object instead of Beams.

Only a sample file (same place without the guts of the game) for privacy and stealing reasons obviously. As for the second part of the question, without the beams, the object shows up in the client as well, hence why I claim they’re the Beams causing the glitch.
NA2SPsampleplace.rbxl (47.7 KB)

Looks like this happens when the “Clouds” is too far away from the camera. You can fix this by putting it closer and change postions of Attachments instead.

Well, err, yeah, that’s exactly it. But I don’t understand, why is it that I can perfectly see the beams far away while on a server/studio, regardless of graphic level, but not on a client? And on top of that, why does the object disappear while it’s far away? And not just disappear as in “it doesn’t render due to its distance”, but disappear as in it’s just completely non-existent in the workspace itself!

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