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Bean’d Cafe Handbook

:pushpin: Introduction
Welcome to the Bean’d Cafe Public Handbook. In this document, you will find the most important information of our group. We hope that we can answer your questions with this document. If you have any further questions after reading this document, you may always contact a member of our staff team.

Bean’d® is a cafe-based group that is mainly specialized in all kinds of coffee. Bean’d® is offering a wide variety of drinks, delicious pastries, snacks, and more!

Our motto is “Good things happen over Coffee.”


Group Regulations

Bean’d Regulations

In order to maintain a safe and friendly environment, we've established a few rules that should be followed in all Bean'd related facilities. Failure to follow these will result in consequences.

  • Respect everyone in-game and on the group wall.
  • Do not troll at any of our facilities.
  • Follow the orders of an MR+, if they tell you to stop, you should stop.
  • Do not exploit at any Bean’d related facilities.

Bean’d utilizes a three-warning system. If you have been caught breaking any of our rules, our staff have the rights to remove you from the server (permanently).

Job Information

Bean’d Job Information

This section contains all the information you might need in order to get a job at Bean'd.

How to get a job at Bean’d?

In order to get a job here at Bean’d, you’ll have to join the Roblox group and head to the Quiz Center. Once you pass the quiz, you will automatically be ranked to Trainee.

As a Trainee, you can start working and preparing orders at the Cafe. If you wish to rank up, you have to attend up to two training sessions at the correct times. The Training Center can be found on our group page.

How do I obtain the Staff Assistant rank?

In order to obtain the Staff Assistant rank, you must show hard work and dedication towards Bean’d. Promotions are held every week, so it is easy to get noticed during shifts. You can also apply for the rank when applications are opened. Applications can be opened when we are in need of more staff, or just when we are looking for new faces. Additionally, you could also think about donating to Bean’d at our Donation Center, because Bean’d appreciates your donation so much, you will receive a role.

Affiliate Information

Bean’d Affiliate Information

This section contains all the information you might need to know before forming a partnership with Bean'd cafe.

What are the requirements?

  • Your group must have at least 500 non-botted members
  • Your group must be active
  • Your group must be professional
  • Your group must be willing to announce our events
  • Your group must not be a war clan, sword fighting clan, etc.
  • You must have at least 2 representatives in our Discord server
  • Your application must be detailed, 3+ sentences

How do I apply?
If your group meets the requirements above, please answer the questions below. We prefer that you send them in a Google document. You may send it to any member with the Board of Executives role or above.

  1. What is the name of your organization?
  2. How many members does your organization have?
  3. Who are your representatives and are they in our Discord? (We need at least 2)
  4. Why do you want to ally with Bean’d?
  5. Why should Bean’d choose you over countless other organizations?
  6. What will your organization do to support Bean’d?
  7. Please send your group link and server invite.

Important Links

Bean’d Important Links

In this section you can find the links to our group, and other documents such as Training Guides.

Bean’d | Group
Bean’d | Cafe - Coming Soon
Bean’d | Training Center - Coming Soon
Bean’d | Quiz Center
Bean’d | Donation Center
Bean’d | Event Center - Coming Soon
Bean’d | Training Guide - Coming Soon
Bean’d | Recipe Guide - Coming Soon

:wave: Bean’d Cafe thanks you for reading our handbook, we hope to see you at our Cafe soon! If you still have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact a High Rank. We will be happy to assist you!

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