Beat Side Scroller Game Idea

I had an idea for a beat rhythm side scroller where the obstacles are controlled by the beat. It would be hard to do but I will put time and effort into it if it’s popular. Now, I would like the community’s opinion on this. Would you like it or not.

  • Yes, this sounds great
  • No, this sounds boring

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Thanks for all the feedback :happy2: :123:

So basically if the beat is fast, the obstacles would go up and down fast? How would you implement something like this lol.

Would the game let users pick the audios they want to play (using IDs) and the level generates based of the “beat” of the sound or will you pick the songs and program them into the game.

I would pick the songs. It would be way to hard to make custom audio work.

I would have to pick slows songs first to make the concept work. Maybe if the game works out, I will add faster songs and beats

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It’ll be different and difficult! But okay! Good luck!

Thanks for the motivation. The game will not have amazing graphics.

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Hello everybody, the game might never come to life. The scripting is not as difficult but the design is. I might come back to this in the future. it was just an idea from the start. I am very sorry to the people who thought this could be a reality.