Because a part is removed from the character

In my game I added some bots which would chase the player without errors, but I wanted to make the torso move towards the direction of the player basically move the 6d engine and the orientation would be facing the player or the target but at a certain point it would be remove that part the part is inside the character with the property cancollide,cantocuch,canquery false and with a weld with the root part of the humanoid and inside is the Upper torso. If you are wondering why I did it that way, it is because when moving the motor, it is said of the torso, it interferes with the animation and it is something that I do not like, that is why I opted for that solution. One of my suspicions would be that I am using a pivot to adjust the orientation of the character so that the torso does not look flipped please if someone has the minimum size that they can give it would be super grateful it would be more than enough

Please help me please i need You help