Because Start Place cannot be changed i cannot make a lobby

The current start place is meant to be the PLACE were players would join the game after teleporting in from the lobby.
Roblox removed the feature to change start place. It would not be a problem to just copy and paste the main game into the Place and have the start place as the lobby IF i knew how to transfer terrain from place to place.
I have tried using the copy and paste feature but it only works locally, is there another way around this problem? Because rn it is impossible to fix unelss i could copy all the current main game assets into a different place, however i cannot do that because i cannot copy terrain.

Im pretty sure you can copy terrain, isnt it a child of workspace?

It is but u cannot copy that! I have tried

You can just publish the lobby directly to the start place; back up anything you don’t want to lose from the start place though.

and what about the main game? I will not be able to copy the terrain from the original start place into a different place

I will leave this thread open incase anyone finds a soultion however i would like to say that i have found a soultion around it. For my game I just teleport the player to the lobby from the main game if the game has already started. It’s the only thing i could think of for now and it works!