Before vs after core design feedback!




Both look very good! The new one of course looks better though. Nice job!


I think that you should stray away from the core with lasers going into it idea has many core games have done this before and maybe changing it to pipes. I do not know how this core would work in the game but I suggest making all the lasers one colour. There should also be a way that the center in supported because in the picture I do not see anything supporting it and it is just floating there. I also think you should make the radiation warnings that are on the lasers yellow and make them much smaller or just take them off fully. You should also make the lasers more realistic looking because you can’t see laser beams in real life unless something is there to reflect the light into your eyes and if there is smoke or something in the room where the core is I think that the lasers could look more like a light by making it glow more.