[Before VS After] Feedback On Voice Effects

Feedback On Voice Effects

I have been working on a game called The Walk for many years now, on and off, and I have hired voice actors for many different characters throughout the game so far. However, I decided to give it a try myself. In doing so, I utilized my AirPods as the microphone and a website that I have used previously throughout my years of education to shape together the following voice clips.

Firstly, let me inform you on what exactly you are about to hear without giving away vivid features of the game itself. This character is named Entity 501 and works as a scientist in a laboratory. They study a specimen. The specimen is showing no signs of weakness against the prescribed weekly medication. As a result, the scientist made this clip on a cassette player which is strictly prohibited in their workplace. The scientist is meant to be whispering and sneakily recording themselves which results in a glitchy and muffled sound.

To demonstrate such emotion and emphasize the predicament in which the scientist is in, I edited the raw voice clip below.

Voice Clip #1

And, for the edited clip…

Voice Clip #2

Please listen to these clips and give me feedback! Any and all feedback is helpful but please do keep in mind that these clips are recorded on Airpods, that I have no history of editing voice clips or voice acting, and that there will be subtitles whilst the recording is being played.

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Is the cassette player supposed to be broken? If so, distort the voice some more. Edit: Otherwise, it just sounds like there is some weird background noise.

The cassette player is supposed to be old and not too great of quality. And, it could be taken as the specimen’s “noises” in the background as well.

The editted clip is very Bass heavy, which makes the clip sound richer, but is a little too much I think, especially for a casette tape. But it sounds pretty good.

Since I don’t get to do this very often, I broke out my copy of Reaper and gave this a try myself, hope you don’t mind. :smiley:

There’s a nice and free VST plugin I use called Krush which I think might help with the effect.

Test 1.

Test 2. With lower octave

Test 2. No pitch shift

You can also use ReaTune by Cocos to give a little more inflection to your voice, which I used to slightly pitch shift your voice upwards near the end of the clip to give more of a sense of urgency.

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Wow! Thank you for this, I’ll take a look at these plugins/wesbites!

it is nice and gives the vibe but the sound qualities don’t match it. the voice is blurry and like underwater but the glitchness is crisp and sharp. and if you remove the glitchness, it’s just an acoustic sound, so it doesn’t really give too much of the vibe of glitchiness or whatever.
i think you should DEFINITELY take a look at Krush - Free Bitcrusher Plugin - Tritik (what @WingItMan suggested) he did an amazing job


Alrighty, thank you so much for the feedback!