Beginner Cute Animations Feedback

This is my first time doing some animations, they are very basic I know but I’m actually really proud of my self :smiley:

The first one you see on the left is Gudetama, a Japanese little slacker that I love so much hahaha
Link here to see the original one:

The other one is a humanoid look like of a mushroom. She’s a little concept of how I want the NPC to look like on my final game that I’m currently making (She’s not finished).

I made and animate them only on blender with the help of two Roblox plugins.

I learned all of these by this post here:

Please consider adding custom NPC and animation to your game that you are currently working on, even if you think that you are not good enough to do it, because it will really that little spicy spice :hugs:


This can’t be your first animation. They are way too good! I can’t find any issues with them.

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Hold up, this is your first time making a model animation? Are you sure about that!?! It looks way too professional! :open_mouth:

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Thank you so much!
These are really my first animations hahaha

Thank you :sneezing_face:!

I found inspirations on this Twitter account

I tried to replicate these fun animations that I really liked and, I kinda did it!

If you have a Twitter profile I suggest following him he’s really great :smiley: