Beginner GFX Designs Feedback/Help

Hey! I’m trxnn and I’m a UI designer, however I thought I’d try GFX for fun so I created one for me and my friend. The darker looking attachment is the first ever GFX I’ve ever made, using photopea and blender. And the orange one is something I quickly put together for my friend for some practice.

I’m looking to see if anyone can give any sort of advice or any tips to improve my work in the future. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


These GFXs look very good! You should add some shadows (not a lot) to your GFXs if you want to make it look a bit better. Otherwise, nice job on these!

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Thanks for the advice, will do next time!

These look great, and the fact that you are a beginner is super impressive! Maybe try to change the background colors a little bit so that the character pops out more? I feel like a grey background on the second pic would bring a lot more attention to the character and not clash with the colors as much, although it really does look great as is. Great work.

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Very good, although you can really tell the skill difference between the render and the background, it’s like two separate people worked on it; one was on the subject and another on the background. I would like compliment you on your use of color science, you can really see the contrast between the warmth from the key light and the cooler tones from the shadows. :+1:

However, if I were to add a small critique, it would be the contour on the first character. it lacks a bit of depth and background separation and - while this is opinionable - I believe a less saturated background would help make the character pop a bit more.

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I agree the 1st attachment doesn’t very contrast well and doesn’t really pop out, thanks a ton for the critique I’ll try my best to work on it!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I agree the colors clash quite a lot, something I definitely need to work on. Will definitely try to improve, thanks again for the advice


I’m don’t design GFXs, but I like the energy vibes that come off of these. They are high quality and have the perfect amount of light

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Thank you I appreciate it bro :sparkling_heart:

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