Beginner Photo Shop GUI Artist (Very cheap)

My Work
I don’t know if i have to say this but the black background will be transparent and watermarks will be gone when I finish your orders.

Halloween Theme

Cartoony GUI's

100 Robux per asset from group fund’s (Temporary)


Terms of service

Must Pay 50% before I do any work

Discord savage_SABOR#4581


I dont think working for free is a good idea cause your portofolio seems to be really good
but i think you are working for experience its a nice idea i think i must do the same too

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So should I raise the price?
What to?

first thing theres is no price lol and i was just saying you could increase the price cuz u r good

Oh okay I understand now thank’s

To get this out of the way, the UI can be improved, seen below;

  • Colors doesn’t match with the trading menu and inventory, try experimenting with more bright colors.

  • The “Pet’s” and “Hat’s are not aligned with each other and are too small

Keep working hard, and continue to improve based on the comments! :grin:

What program do you use to make your UI? Please let me know :grin:

Thanks for the tip’s and I use Photoshop.

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Your welcome! Though as a beginner I don’t think paying for Photoshop is necessary, try using other programs like Gimp and You should use Photoshop if you have a steady amount of commissions and payment.

Oh okay thank’s for the advice.

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I have sent you a friend request in discord I wanted to discuss a project with you…