Beginner Question - What is math.RandomSeed?

So I’ve been learning a bit about scripting. And I’m still personally a beginner. And every once and a while I’ll get stuck. Right now I’m stuck…
I’m watching a guy called TheDevKing AKA TapWater and he is explaining everything from beginner to pro about scripting. However sometimes I don’t quite understand him. What does Math.RandomSeed mean. I know what random means but I don’t know what this means.

So any help would be appreciated on what this means. Roblox Developer Website helped midly but still didn’t put it in words that everyone would understand.


So. Computers can’t generate “real” random numbers. They use a pseudo random number generator. That uses a seed to change the randomness. If u leave the seed the same, and playtest your game, the exact same numbers are generated every time u playtest. But when u change your seed to something else. They will become different.

The seed is most commonly set to the seconds since the Unix epoch (aka os.time() or tick())

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Computers are too smart, we have to give them something “random” so they can generate random numbers. A seed is that random source that lets the computer generate numbers that look random (even though they are predefined).

And yeah like @LukaDev_0 said the seed is usually based on world clock seconds. That way there’s always a new seed every time.