Beginner terrain creator || Commisions open ||

About Me

Hi there! I am ManuoLux and recently I started making terrain and I think its pretty cool!
I don’t have a lot of experience, maybe a month or so. But I consider myself a decent terrain maker


Here is the work I wanted to show in Roblox studio


I am available every day for around 5 hours since I do not have school yet but I do have some things to do IRL


Just a small TOS

I want 10% of payment upfront before I start making anything, this way I know that customer wont scam me. It also ensures that I won’t need to spend my time working on your terrain just to get message like this in the end: “Sorry I can’t pay”
“I don’t have funds, but you can get % / roles in the game”

If you cancel, I do not refund. If I had to cancel I will try to give full refund with tax etc. but if I wont be able to cover tax I will refund all the robux/money I received.

Reselling my work is prohibited and I will never let you do it.


All maps are highly customizable and can be created to fit your needs. Need a valley? Mountains? Maybe a huge crack in the ground? I can do it!

Before I import maps inside of Roblox, you will get preview, and if something is not right for you, I will change it!

Please do have some kind of reference image or just explain what you want in detail. It will make it much more easier!

Some things, for example floating islands can be made but it will take some time.



Regular map - 500 R$ / 5 USD/EUR PayPal

Big maps - 1500 R$ / 10 USD/EUR PayPal

Giant maps - 3000 R$ / 20 USD/EUR PayPal

I only take group funds as robux payments!! I only take PayPal as a way of paying with USD or EUR, but maybe we can make a deal to use something else.


You can contact me on discord Josip_V#9247

Thanks for reading! I hope I will be able to make terrain that you always needed! :slight_smile: