Beginner's Music Feedback (Short Basic/Simple Orchestral Music/Style)

Hello… I’m a beginner in music production, and even though my songs mostly consist of 1 or 2 voices max, they mainly focus on the compositional aspect rather than the production aspect or quality…

  1. A “Chirstmas themed” song made around February, it’s supposed to sound “sad” at the mid part, I guess:

  2. This song was the first one to focus on arrangement of parts, more than anything. Arrangement is a big weakness of mine, as I cannot make anything very long, so this is big progress for me:

    (Additionally, I imagine it’s supposed to sound like Cypriot galleymen in classical history.)

  3. A x3 looped song (looped for a good hearing length). Has a violin and cello voices in a “duet” of sorts…with a unifying piano melody on top. The piano intentionally does not have perfect rhythm to sound like a real player would. (At least like a beginner, like me.)

  4. Lastly is my most advanced piece. It includes synthesized vocals at the end from Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) since I wanted to feature that in… But that’s besides the point:

  5. [Bonus] A small lullaby, however I understand this is an incredibly simple melody not worth much feedback:

    (And this also uses Vocaloid, for the humming.)

This is basically it. Although I can try to improve and work on my flaws without feedback, and learn my own weaknesses, such as: arrangement, production quality, dynamics/mixing, and possibly the lack of supporting voices (although I said I haven’t intentionally focused on that); – I still NEED to publish and hear other people’s opinions as that is an essential step of the music production process. (Just like games and others too.)

Little things, specific things, and general things, or big things are all greatly appreciated as feedback by me.

That’s it, and thank you for any feedback.


Hello M4A1,

I’ll just jump right into the feedback of each piece to save us both time!

  1. I think overall you have the theme in mind with what you want to convey, however, you can work out voice leading a bit more. Chords play a very important part to music and can really help bring out certain feelings the listener may come across while listening to the piece.

  2. The staccato notes flow very well, they don’t sound out of place or rushed. The (bass?) clarinet you have that comes in also fit really nicely and creates the contrast against the staccato notes previous it. The counter melody with the violins was also a nice contrasting touch.

  3. The off rhythm piano creates a whole new mood from this piece. I feel as if I’ve been transported to a whole new place. I really enjoy the melodies in the piano: subtle, lighthearted and not too repetitive.

  4. The melodies and counter melodies at the start give me Legend of Zelda vibes for some reason. The voice at :40 is a nice touch, not too in your face and not too subtle where you’ll miss it.

  5. Very simple indeed but I can imagine myself playing this in the background as I read a book. Simplicity is sometimes what we need in life.

Overall you seem to be heading in the right direction musically. Although you can benefit studying music theory a bit more, it’ll only do you good! Shoot me a DM anytime, I’d be more than glad to provide you some resources for music theory :slightly_smiling_face:

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