BehaviorTree2 - Create complex behaviors with ease!

Hello! It’s me, oniich_n. I’m back again with an update to the BehaviorTree module I ported to Roblox back in 2017. (wow so long ago)

With (a lot of) help from @tyridge77, I present to you…

This rewrite of the original module does away with a lot of the needless fluff needed from the original port, improving performance a ton! However, you can no longer “register” nodes using strings. Store them as variables instead or something. (I doubt many used this feature, though)

If you’ve already been using the old BehaviorTree module, you can simply replace it with this one and it should work out of the box unless you used the node registry.

If you don’t like coding a lot and want a visual tool to help with this, tyridge77 has also made this awesome editor plugin as an alternative!

Peep the GitHub repo for info on how to start using it today!


Published better documentation of how to use the module on the GitHub repo, and added a new weight attribute to tasks for use in the Random selector.
Peep the BTrees Visual Editor by @tyridge77 too.


Fixed the random selector woops