Behind the AI: A Look into Audioscape

Join AB Events as we speak with Sean Varah (OffGridDude) about AI music through their software Audioscape. During this event, we will also demo Audioscape as well as have a Q&A session at the end!

Find all details on the event page ~ Behind the AI: A Look into Audioscape - Event | Roblox Creator Events


Incase people don’t know what Audioscape is:


I’m looking forward to the event. Along with demonstrating how to use Audioscape, we’ll speak about:

  • How the right music can level up your game
  • How to pair music with your game (eg: using different levels of musical energy to match your gameplay)
  • Understanding music copyright and what music you can and can’t use in your game
  • How to integrate music into your game (loops, crossfades)

This was a really interesting and educational event. I feel I really learned a lot about how games can be enhanced by apps like Audioscape.


Thanks! I really enjoyed talking about Audioscape and making great music for Roblox games. Here’s an index of the topics we discussed.

00:50 Introduction
02:12 Funny examples of the wrong music in a game
06:50 Why we created Audioscape
14:08 Will AI Music replace composers? Should we be afraid?
19:30 AI systems using other people’s music to train on – is that legal?
22:25 Can AI music itself be copyrighted?
28:05 Where can developers use Audioscape music?
30:45 Problems with uploading music to Roblox – copyright strikes
43:57 Melodia uses Audioscape for the first time – Chill
50:45 Horror
58:33 Chiptune
1:02:21 Messing with Lofi
1:06:29 Synthwave
1:12:13 Looping and loop points
1:15:20 Acoustic
1:23:55 Audioscape music in a Roblox game