Being able to add images/videos to reports

I think the abuse reporting system would have to be much more advanced than the one we currently have, since sometimes the reports are on sensitive topics and being able to attach Files, such as Photos, videos and Gif of what happened would be great.
As well as when choosing non-compliance with another rule, to be able to place another title in summary to have much more orderly when reading the reports.

The resolutions could last minutes instead of doing a thorough investigation of the case, since if it is seen from the point of view of the one who sends the report and what happened in Roblox coincides with the evidence, a much more effective resolution would be reached when banning. from exploiters, people who are making a request for a date, who abuse system errors and Bypass the chat to swear and people who ask for social networks to interact with others externally.
But since you have a photo test that is much clearer and to be able to arrive at a clearer and more complete report for me it would be very great, something similar to support but that is nothing to envy because it is really very effective.


Title is unclear, do you mean “Being able to add images/videos to reports”?


Of course, I don’t speak English perfectly


I’m personally against the ability to upload images as evidence can easily be tampered with to make false reports on users. Roblox currently gets their information from internal systems, so there is no tampering with the evidence and they can make a decision based off only the facts. The support system is actually broken because they accept photo evidence and allow people to gain access to other people’s accounts by providing tampered evidence.


(Sorry for Spanish, I have a bit of a hard time speaking English) ¿Cómo se manipularía una Evidencia si por algo Roblox posee varias herramientas para realizar los vetos? por ejemplo, cada vez que alguien está diciendo una grosería Roblox lo veta luego, ya que eso queda guardado en los servidores para luego estar en constante revisión, así que como dije arriba " desde el punto de vista de quien envía el informe y lo ocurrido en Roblox coincide con la evidencia, se llegaría a una resolución mucho más efectiva.". Además, es lo de menos, por que no creo que yo tomaría una foto como evidencia, yo tomaría más una foto, Gif, Video, etc. Y tío, como manipularías eso? (No estoy diciendo que es imposible, solo que será notorio si no lo hace alguien que es realmente profesional en el ámbito de retrucar las imágenes)


Yo digo que sería mejor solo permitir un video ya que podría ser un poco más facil falsificar una imagen, pero la neta no valdría la pena falsificar una imagen. Más bien la moderación debería castigar a cualquiera que intente falsificar pruebas si se llega a descubrir, y además si se trata de un jugador explotando si varias personas reportaron al jugador por la misma razón con pruebas similares (videos) pues eso ya favorecería a los que lo reportan o me equivoco ?

Roughly translated to English:

I say it would be better to only allow a video since it could be a little easier to fake an image, but the truth is it wouldn’t be worth it to fake an image. Heck, moderation should punish whoever tries to fake proof if it is discovered, plus if it’s about a player exploiting if various people reported the player for the same reason with similar proof (videos) that would be in favor of the ones that reported them or am I wrong?


le sabes incapaz, le sabes we, no solo estos que critican, por que en verdad, es muy deficiente el sistema de reportes xd