Being able to Change the Start Place of your Game's Places

When you have a big game, and your game has 10+ places connected to the main place, is currently hard to change the Start Place, because Imagine this situation: You want to add a Place selection screen in the Game (which is only a place where the player picks a place to go to from a GUI and nothing else, to reduce lag and all) But imagine, currently to achieve this, you have to empty the main starter place because you have to move it to other place, this, causing way too many irruptions and bugging chances (Examples: Tons of Place ids to change, features of places connected inbeetwen each other, etc)
By just being able to change the Starter Place with one click, this would solve many things and be very effective. (On my case, i never thought my game would have this many places connected to the main game, this being said, theres a lot of things to change and lots of bugs might appear because moving the main place to other place leaving the main one to make it a place selection screen is not the best situation for me to do)

The starter place would be used like this, a quick change to an empty place where players load in to quick pick screen where to teleport to, nothing else!


Iā€™d definetly like this, imagine how useful would be to change starting place from game config page, studio and maybe place config page too.

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